Nutrition Labels for Value Added Farm Products & Artisan Food Makers

Are you a farmer or food entrepreneur making value-added products or other artisan food specialties? Surprise – Wholesum can help you, too!


Whether you’ve perfected the recipe and marketing plan for your jam, artisan bread, soy nut mix, yogurt, Grandma’s cookies, or kombucha, you might be interested in using the math wizardry behind Wholesum to help you shop for and track the costs of ingredients.

Additionally – depending on the size of your operation – you may also want to (or need to!) develop that oh-so-familiar nutrition label before your product hits the farmer’s market table or grocery store shelves.

Before you do, check out these guides that have been developed just for you by experts:

Adding Value to Farm Products: An Overview – ATTRA

Adding Value to Farm Products: Getting the Legal … – Farm Commons

And if the complexity of your recipe, marketing plan, or business size necessitates it, work with professionals (like the folks at UNL’s Food Processing Center) who know the ins and outs of requirements and can help you understand the nutritional details.

And make sure to check out your local state Extension specialists, too. They will have the low down on state-specific regulations and resources.