New Feature! Automatically substitute ingredients

One of the most frequently-requested features that we hear from users is to automate some of the substitution of ingredients when dietary restrictions are present.  Well – I’m happy to say that the feature has been recently added!

To turn on automatic ingredient substitution, log in and head on over to “My Profile” and toggle the “Substitute Ingredients” switch to “on.”    With this feature On, you’ll notice two subtle changes that will allow you to start substituting automatically right away:

  1.   Define your substitutes: On your recipe pages you’ll now notice a new column with a substitute symbol.   By clicking on that symbol, you’ll be able to define a substitute if the ingredient contains a common dietary restriction.
  2.  Number of Dietary Restrictions:  You’ll also notice, now, that instead of just checking off which dietary restrictions are present in a group, you’ll define the actual number of individuals with that dietary restriction.

These two adjustments in combination make a powerful tool:  Wholesum will apply your substitute proportionally based on the total number of individuals with a conflicting restriction.

Take it for a spin!  You can turn it off at any point by heading back to “My Profile” and switching it off.

We look forward to hearing what you think!  Thanks for your on-going ideas for new tools and features.