Is Wholesum right for you?

There are a number of meal planning apps out there – some for individuals, some for families, some for potlucks, some for bakers. So what sets Wholesum apart?

Wholesum is specifically designed to take the complexity out of meal planning for groups. Are you feeding meals to more than a few people regularly? Do you have to plan around dietary restrictions? Do you host multi-day trips or large events? Do you have your own recipes you want to use, but could use help scaling up and down based on group size and number of meals served? Then Wholesum might be right for you!

Here’s what a few of our users have to say about the benefits of Wholesum Food Calculator:

“Wholesum has been a total game-changer for us!” — Gia, Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures

“We used to have an old, outdated Excel spreadsheet full of errors, which was a struggle to use. Now, Wholesum¬†Food Calculator allows us to easily drag and drop menu items, and print an organized grocery list in minutes! Bring on the field season!” — Lisa, Grand Canyon Trust

“Wholesum has not only made my job of preparing our food packing list for a 9-month field season easier and more efficient, it has also helped reduce our staff’s workload, helped to forecast our season food budget, and to cut down on food waste.” — Daniel, Ecology Project International

“Our field staff used to get bogged down with hours of ingredient conversations, spreadsheet calculations, and reviewing recipes for dietary restrictions. With Wholesum, menu planning takes a few minutes.” — Katie, Wild Rockies Field Institute

So what are you waiting for? Start your free trial today!