Fresh Camping Recipe Tips


Wondering how to plan meals for a multi-day camping trip? Many a foodie, chef, and Average Joe have done the hard research for us! From our favorite outdoor cooperative to chefs and mothers, we’ve compiled a great list of tips for you.

Think simple. You’re enjoying the outdoors with family or friends. Be present!
Here are some great ideas for fun, healthy, fast food brought to you by meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert) from outdoor enthusiast and mother Holly of Powers Travelers.

Your experience level counts. REI has a great starter guide to help you think about some of the basics of your trip: Everything from weight and bulk of meals, to ease of preparation, and availability of water.  This will help you think about your options when it comes to fresh foods, dry foods, and how to creatively use spices, among other things.

Consider the shape and size of your trip. What is your mode of transportation? What types of activities will you be doing? Dirty Gourmet has a great list of recipes organized by activity: backpacking, bike touring, car camping, day trips, and picnics.

Keep your favorite fine foods on the menu. Epicurious – a world renowned source for information of food and cooking – will step you through some of the best outside-of-the-box ideas, including mushroom foraging, and the trick to bringing delicious cheese along on the trail.

Nutrition you can carry with you. From the perspective of a dedicated, health-conscious woman, tips on how to pack ready-made meals (just boil water!) from scratch, dense in nutrients and calories that even her non-cook husband will prepare and eat. We’re partial to cheese and summer sausage here.

What do the pros say? Backpacker Magazine has a throughout compilation of recipes and how-to tips to get you started on thinking about what meals to bring on your next big camping trip.

That’ll get you started! Many more tips and tricks to come.