Three overlooked tips/tricks to getting the most out of Wholesum


Want to bring the right number of gluten-free bagels instead of regular bagels whenever you have gluten sensitivity in your group?  Wholesum can automatically plan for you!
Head over to your “Profile” Page and turn on Ingredient Substitution.   Need a primer on how to get it all set up?  We’ve got a video for that.

All you’ll need to do is define which ingredients need substitutes!


Everyone knows that you can export your shopping lists to PDF or Excel, right?  But did you know that you can use your iPhone or Android Smartphone to view your shopping lists?  Create your meal plan online and then view your lists synced between any device.


Planning your seasonal orders in bulk?  Shopping for more than one group at a time?  Why bother with trying to make sense of multiple shopping lists when Wholesum can aggregate all of the lists for you!  Use the “Export Lists” button on your meal plan page to combine (or multiply) lists from all of your groups

New Feature! Automatically substitute ingredients

One of the most frequently-requested features that we hear from users is to automate some of the substitution of ingredients when dietary restrictions are present.  Well – I’m happy to say that the feature has been recently added!

To turn on automatic ingredient substitution, log in and head on over to “My Profile” and toggle the “Substitute Ingredients” switch to “on.”    With this feature On, you’ll notice two subtle changes that will allow you to start substituting automatically right away:

  1.   Define your substitutes: On your recipe pages you’ll now notice a new column with a substitute symbol.   By clicking on that symbol, you’ll be able to define a substitute if the ingredient contains a common dietary restriction.
  2.  Number of Dietary Restrictions:  You’ll also notice, now, that instead of just checking off which dietary restrictions are present in a group, you’ll define the actual number of individuals with that dietary restriction.

These two adjustments in combination make a powerful tool:  Wholesum will apply your substitute proportionally based on the total number of individuals with a conflicting restriction.

Take it for a spin!  You can turn it off at any point by heading back to “My Profile” and switching it off.

We look forward to hearing what you think!  Thanks for your on-going ideas for new tools and features.

Mobile Apps for Easy Wholesum Shopping

One of the key benefits of using Wholesum is that we take care of the complicated math behind your multi-meal, multi-day trips and provide you with a complete shopping list, summarizing and organizing your recipes’ total ingredients – by store and department, if you like.

Although many people prefer printing out a hard copy list (and can do so in an editable Excel spreadsheet or PDF format), another camp of our customers like the ease of keeping track of what they’ve picked up and what they still need to purchase on their phone. It is for those users that we’re excited to announce the release of our iPhone and Android Wholesum mobile apps!

Your mobile shopping list will be synced between devices. Make edits on your laptop, and they’ll immediately be reflected on your phone. Perhaps you are shopping at one store on your phone while your coworker is at another on their phone. Just make sure you check off what you’ve picked up, refresh your app by pulling down on your meal plan page, and everyone’s lists will be in sync!


Given the detailed nature of menu planning and recipe creation, these apps focus entirely on the shopping lists that you create. So make sure you develop your recipes and meal plans on your computer, and then when it comes time to shop, you’ll have a responsive mobile option in your pocket! Apps run on iPhone and Android products.

Group meal planning made simple – and now, on the go!

New functions to simplify your meal planning

We’re always working to improve our web-based tools to simplify your group meal planning. With your feedback in mind, we have added additional options to make your meal planning and shopping easier, so you can focus more of your time on other areas of your work.


1. Import Any Recipe from!

Creating your recipe list just got a whole lot easier. Now, instead of just creating your own custom recipes manually or importing them from the Wholesum Cookbook, now you can add any of the thousands of recipes on Just click “Add from“, paste the URL of the recipe, and you’re done!

2. Calendar-based planning

Many of you mentioned that your meal planning wasn’t just about meals and ingredients, but also about dates and scheduling. We heard you loud and clear. Now, schedule all of your meals using a calendar and meal grid to schedule each meal served each day throughout the duration of your group plan.

We hope these updates will prove valuable to you. Our goal is for you to spend less time on meal planning, so you can spend more time focusing on your expertise!

As always, let us know if you have any questions!