100,000 meals served!

Can you believe it, over 100,000 meals served already in 2017?!

That sizable number is a testament to all of the great, hardworking people who have found that Wholesum Food Calculator saves them the headache, time, and money that too often goes into meal and menu planning for groups. You have other things to focus on – whether it’s planning trip logistics, a program curriculum, or prepping gear – this does not have to be one of them! With a growing number of customers who find that Wholesum is a time and money saving game-changer, we’re so happy to help.

Wholesum helps users plan menus around dietary restrictions, group size, and so much more, and then streamlines the process of shopping for ingredients, and cooking great meals. We’re pleased to see the real-world value of Wholesum for staff members across the spectrum of specialties – from river guides to event planners to¬†wildnerness adventurers – is filling bellies out in the great wide world of forests, rivers, mountains, and everything in between.

To another 100,000 meals!