Ration or Pantry-style Planning

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Ration or Pantry-style planning

Some organizations that run multi-day outdoor trips may prefer to pack rations rather than specific recipes. For example, perhaps you would prefer to pack a specific amount of carbohydrates and proteins rather than parituclar recipes in which they’ll be used.  While the language of Wholesum is designed around recipes, Wholesum can actually work effectively to accommodate ration planning effectively as well.  Some suggested changes in use to plan rations:

  • Rather than create a complete recipe with multiple ingredients, use the recipe creation functionality to create one recipe per ingredient (e.g. create a “recipe” called “pasta” or “rice”).
    • Select the # of servings per recipe as “1”
    • Enter a quantity of this ingredient that typically equals one serving

This will allow you to add ingredients to your pantry during the meal planning process

  • Use custom tags to indicate which food group this ingredient/recipe fits in (e.g. If your “recipe” is rice, create a custom tag “carbohydrates”).
  • When creating your meal plan, indicate the number of individuals, add ingredients to your pantry/meal plan and select how often you’d like to eat a specific pantry item, how many individuals will eat them, and then click “Create Meal Plan.”